Real Estate Tips: Bedroom And Bathroom Elegance


The bedrooms can do as much to sell your house as they can to turn off a buyer. Real estate agents put emphasis in making your bedroom as elegant as possible. Make sure the bedrooms are absolutely spotless.

  • Rugs should be cleaned, windows washed and fresh smells from flowers or lemon oil should be in the air.
  • Organize closets to increase their perceived size. Rubberized wire closet organizers do a great job of helping fully utilize space.
  • Mirrored closet doors can add dramatically to the feeling of size in any bedroom.
  • Bedrooms should be well lit. You may want to add track lights in the master bedroom.

Through the Buyer’s Eyes

  • Are all drapes, shutters, and shades clean and working properly?
  • Are any window screens bent?
  • Do all the windows open and close easily?
  • Are the windowsills clean?
  • Are your doors in good condition?
  • Do any doors sag or stick?
  • Do the locks work?
  • Is the paint in good condition?
  • Do the doors seal tightly?


The bathroom has become an important selling feature in today’s home. It is a room that has moved from the utilitarian to the exciting. No wonder bathroom is one of the showcases of real estate companies. There are many ways you can create interest through various levels of enhancement.

  • Place a vase of fresh flowers on the vanity
  • Replace an old toilet seat with a new one
  • Replace an old light fixture with a new style light strip or make-up light
  • Refinish an old porcelain tub using a porcelain finishing service
  • Place all personal care articles out of sight
  • Freshen the air with lemon scented products
  • Replace an old towel rack with a new one
  • Add color and richness with new towels and a shower curtain

Through the Buyer’s Eyes

  • Do your faucets shut off completely?
  • Do your sinks drain freely?
  • Are your toilets in good condition?
  • Do your tubs need caulking?
  • Is your floor in good condition?
  • Are your vanities and mirrors in good condition?

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