Real Estate Tips: Entrance And The Living Room


The entrance or the main door is where the first impression of the interior is created. Here you have the opportunity to make a big statement in a small area.


  • Repaint the entry using light, neutral colors.
  • Move a prized antique or attractive furnishing to the entry, where it will have maximum impact.
  • Apply a fresh coat of polyurethane to a wood floor.
  • Tile or linoleum flooring should shine.
  • Replace plastic switch plate covers with brass or porcelain.
  • A new hall light fixture can make a great impression.
  • Make sure the room is well lit

Make sure that you will give a good impression to your real estate buyers by following the above recommendations.

Living Room

The living room is an area we do very little living in yet it is a major selling point of a house. Buyers look for elegant and impressive living rooms to make the right statements to their friends and relatives.

  • Use mirrors whenever possible to enhance the perception of size. The strategic placement of a mirror over a mantle or across from a window can make a room look brighter and larger.
  • Use inexpensive freestanding accent lights to create dramatic visual effects behind large plants or pieces or furniture.
  • Professionally clean wall-to-wall carpet or large area rugs. Sand and refinish stained hardwood floors.
  • Clean windows and light fixtures.
  • Make sure all cosmetic plastic cracks are repaired. (This applies to every room in the house.)
  • Use lemon oil on hardwood furniture to create the right look and aroma.
  • Liberal use of fresh flowers and plants will enhance the environment.

Through the buyer’s Eyes

  • Are your carpets clean and in good condition?
  • Do your carpets need stretching?
  • Are there any pet or smoking odors?
  • Do your walls have any cracks or holes?
  • Do your walls need painting?
  • What about that wallpaper?
  • Do your ceilings have any water stains, cracks or peeling?
  • Do your ceilings need painting?

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